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Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square is a world famous square in central London.
  • At the center of the square stands Nelson's Column. This is a monument to the British naval victory over the French and Spanish fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The column is made from granite, is 151 feet (46 meters) high, and topped by an 18 foot (5½ meter) statue of Admiral Horatio Nelson. At the bottom of the column is a square pedestal which is decorated with bronze panels (these having been cast from captured French cannon), as well four large lion statues which guard the column.

  • At the four corners of the square, and four plinths. Three of these hold statues, namely of King George IV (Northeast plinth), Henry Havelock (Southeast plinth), and Sir Charles Napier (Southwest plinth). The Northwest plinth does not however have a permanent statue, and thus has been used for various temporary statues and art installations. Various proposals have been made for possible permanent statues for the Northwest plinth, and for even changing the other existing statues, but so far none has been enacted.

  • On the North side of the square is the National Gallery.

  • In the past, Trafalgar Square was home to many pigeons, and a popular tourist activity was feeding them. Today, however bird seed is no longer sold at the square, feeding birds and pigeons has been banned, and most pigeons have been diven away from the area.

  • Trafalgar has often been used political demonstrations. In recent years, it has also sometimes been used for victory celebrations when British or English teams win sporting events, and giant video screen have on occasion been erected in the square for important England soccer matches.

  • Every year since 1947, a large Christmas tree from Norway has been displayed in the square. This tradition commemorates British support for Norway during World War II.

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Books about Trafalgar Square

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Trafalgar Square: A Visual History of London's Landmark Through Time

By Jean Hood

Hardcover (144 pages)

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With its famous column, lions, and fountain, Trafalgar Square attracts droves of tourists and natives alike. But this iconic image of London did not acquire its name until 1830—almost 25 years after Admiral Nelson’s death. From its origins as a popular meeting place that linked the City of London to the City of Westminster, to the impressive public space that houses the National Gallery, this richly illustrated and revealing history traces the evolution of the Square. Follow the rise of the buildings that surround Trafalgar, the statues that decorate it, and the architects and designers who built it.

Horse Training In-Hand: A Modern Guide to Working from the Ground

By Ellen Schuthof-Lesmeister

Trafalgar Square Publishing
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Horse Training In-Hand: A Modern Guide to Working from the Ground
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Whether schooling green or young horses; retraining problem horses or those with poor foundations; warming-up advanced mounts prior to workouts; confirming lateral movements on the ground before attempting them on horseback; or supplementing everyday under-saddle exercises, work in-hand provides a wonderful way to advance the horse's education, as well as the standard of communication between horse and handler. Its gradual progression of work on the longe, double-longe, long lines, short reins, and long reins is the perfect addition to the training program that has grown a little stale or boring; the manageable solution to countless problems that commonly arise in daily work with horses; and by definition, an equestrian art form unto itself.

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